Introducing InboxAware

June 10th at 2:00 pm EST



Dennis Dayman

Chief Privacy Officer

Key Takeaways:

Inbox Placement

Discover where your emails are landing: Primary, Social or Promotions

Seed List Testing

Proactively protect your deliverability reputation by conducting seed list tests

Threshold Monitoring

Set up automated alerts to notify you when something has gone wrong with your campaign deliverability


InboxAware is our new inbox monitoring tool that will help you gather deep insights into your campaign’s deliverability. Go from Email Marketer to Deliverability Master and find out exactly where your campaign will land (promotional, social or primary) before you click “send”!

During this session, our Chief Privacy Officer and Head of Deliverability – Dennis Dayman will walk you through how his team of deliverability experts conquers every inbox with InboxAware. With time for a live Q&A session at the end!

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